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4,000 Amigos, 19 different characters,
5 special culture symbols


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10 Culture Symbols, only 3 cards of each, good luck!


Skull Candy

One of the great gastronomic traditions to celebrate the "Dia de los muertos" (Day of the Dead) in Mexico is the famous Skull Candy. Made with artisan techniques, these are placed on altars and offerings as part of the decoration.



Quetzalcoatl is a deity in pre-hispanic Aztec culture and literature whose name comes from the 'Nahuatl' language and means "Precious Serpent" or "Quetzal-feathered Serpent".



The Jaguar, is the largest feline in America and third in the world (after the lion and the tiger). It is also the only representative of the Panthera gender found on this continent, it inhabits almost desert places such as the Arizona Desert or the Mexican highlands.

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Meet the team:


Jhonatan Mendoza
Software Engineer

Cardano enthusiast. My next goal is to become a stake pool operator to help on cardano descentalization, and also a full-time cardano developer to increase cardano adoption.


Saúl Rosa

Ilustration and 2D digital animation enthusiast. I love to play video games and play the ukelele!